The Doctors

William Moran, D.C.

Dr. Bill Moran has been practicing since 2000 and has owned Prospect Family Chiropractic Center since 2003. He purchased this practice from his friend and mentor Dr. Peter Lipnack. Dr. Bill trained with Dr. Pete for months learning the techniques that he uses in the office today. Dr. Moran has had the privilege and the pleasure of learning from some of the brightest minds in Chiropratic today, such as Dr. George Goodheart (the Father of Applied Kinesiology) Dr. John Brimhall ( The father of Wellness Care in Chiropractic today and the Brimhall Technique and the 6 Steps to Wellness) Dr. James Cox ( the inventor of Flexion Distraction and Cox Spinal Decompression) and Dr. Roy Sweat (Founder of Atlas Orthogonal) and Dr. Peter Alongi (previous instructor and Advance Proficienty Rated chiropractor for Activator Methods). It is thru this continued education that Dr. Moran has
developed the skill and art of his technique.

Dr. Moran is Advanced Proficiency Rated in the Activator Methods.

Peter P. Alongi, D.C.

Dr. Peter Alongi, who has an Advance Proficiency Rating the the Activator Method, closed his office on West Commercial Blvd in April of 2015 after nearly 40 years of active practice. He now sees patients on Thursdays in Dr. Moran's office.